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Gammal skog

Old forest

Welcome to our guided tours in the surroundings of Orsa. Our tours take you to beautiful nature and exciting culture, and the group size is always small. We listen to the birds or to the silence and enjoy the rural environment. Example of activities: Floral walks, bike tours to old summer farms and nature reserves, walks in the wilderness, back country skiing and family adventures (nature as playground).

We also grow sea buckthorn and run a small forest farm.

Please contact us for more information.

We arrange tours on request if you have your own ideas. Welcome!

Phone: +46 (0) 70 305 05 24 or e-mail:

Guided tours 2018:



Winter 2018


”Rakt ut i snön” – Guided ski tour for families with children,  We ski through old forests and frozen mires and enjoy the silence and the beautiful surroundings. We make a fire and  you can grill your own sausages. You bring your own hot drink.

Price: 300 SEK for adults and 100 SEK for children below 12. Guiding and sausages are included. Phone +46 70 305 05 24 for further information and booking.



”Morgon på skaren” – Guided morning ski tour in Koppången nature reserve.  Enjoy the magnificent wilderness and the birds morning song. You bring your own food and hot drink. Price 350 SEK. Phone +46 70 305 05 24 for further information and booking.

 Summer 2018

Guiding and ”fika” (coffee/tea/soft drink and cakes or sandwiches) are included in all tours.


Family walk along Enån river. 3 h.  An adventure close to the town center of Orsa. Arranged on request.  Adults SEK 300, children SEK 100, family SEK 760. Photos.

Bicycle tour (40 km) including visit to Långtjärn nature reserve. 5 h.  Bring your own lunch package. July 18, July 25. Other days on request. SEK 500. Photos.

Bicycle tour (20 km) including visit to Skinnaränget nature reserve. 5 h. Bring your own lunch package. Arranged on request.  Adults SEK 350, children SEK 200, family SEK 1 000. 

Bicycle tour (30 km) with visits to old summer farms. 4 h. June 27, July 4, July 11. Other days on request. SEK 450.

Wilderness walk in Korpimäki nature reserve. 6 h. Bring your own lunch package. August 1, August 8, August 15, August 22, August 29. Other days on request.  Adults SEK 650, children below 16 SEK 100. Photos.

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